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Got the following email from an MNB reader describing a recent interaction - or lack of one - with Walmart:

Last summer I wrote a two page letter – highly constructive – in  how they could improve their on line ordering system – my wife had ordered an item online to be picked up at our local store – it took two typed pages to describe the not so comedic missteps.  In the last paragraph I commended the efforts by the store personnel who did their best to quickly remedy the situation only to be thwarted by the Walmart computer systems and persons on the other end of the phone lines they called.  I sent the letter one copy each to the Walmart leaders.  Never got a response.  Not sure I expected them to answer personally but thought someone would.  One letter lost, maybe, two???

Regarding the cannabis market, my friend Dr. Russell J. Zwanka wrote:

Your reader response Thursday shows the amount of information we need to ensure customers understand in the food industry.  In the absence of information, there is a void filled with innuendos and assumptions.

CBD is not THC, but treats your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with the same beneficial properties without the "high".  Your ECS is the part of your body constantly fighting to maintain, or regain, homeostasis.  The three parallel streams of CBD, recreational THC, and medical THC are naturally causing confusion- but that's what our industry is supposed to help solve for our customers.  

CBD is the most impactful sales trend, category-wise, we're going to see the next few years.  The pent-up demand is water popping holes in the dam!  We're out of fingers and it's cracking!  

One bit of advice for anyone selling CBD, have a category approach to the various forms of introducing CBD to the body: 
Sublingually avoids the digestive system and starts to work immediately.  These are the tinctures.  

Topically enters the blood stream almost as quickly as sublingually, and is seeing a solid trend in use!  These are the salves and roll ons.
Ingesting must go through the digestive system, so takes longer to impact the body.  But, it does last longer.  These are the infused foods and gummy bears, etc.  A warning on infused foods is being careful not to just source everything.  Serving sizes are out of whack for impact (you need a ton of gummy bears to have any impact!).
And, the one with the most stigma attached....vaping.  Vape oil is the one most retailers will have difficulty wanting to sell, for obvious reasons.  Vape works almost immediately.

And, as a category you should not ignore, you have got to be involved in the Pet CBD.  CBD for pets is off the charts, especially dogs!  

Confusion and opportunity are high for CBD....had to do that, sorry.

I want to recommend to you Russell’s new book, “CBD Dreams: A Retailer’s Case for Cannabidiol Sales,” which is available on Amazon.

Finally, I wrote yesterday:

For the record, when Amazon stops innovating, I’ll stop reporting on it.

Prompting my old friend Gregory Grudzinski to write:

Love this line.

Thanks. Though, now that I think about it, when Amazon stops innovating, that’ll be the REAL news…
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