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by Kevin Coupe
At the risk of being accused of cheerleading for Amazon - something I hear from time to time when people think I spend too much time on MNB writing about the company - I do have a story worth pointing out this morning.

For the record, when Amazon stops innovating, I’ll stop reporting on it. People who find Amazon coverage tiresome may not be appreciating the degree to which its disruptive habits are creating new consumer habits and new competitive realities with which they will have to contend. But I digress…

eMarketer is now forecasting that by the end of this year, “51.3% of US households will be Amazon Prime members.”

That’s more than half the households in the country.

The growth represents about 5.2 million more households than last year, and the story says that “Prime's growth will be fueled by lower-income households and consumers attracted to the platform's new offerings. Expanding beyond the flagship Prime benefit - fast or free shipping - Amazon continues to diversify its value to customers.”

I think that’s an Eye-Opener worth noting.
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