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CNBC reports that Target “is actively reaching out to brands — both national and specialty brands — on an invitation-only basis to ask them to sell on its website. It says it’s planning to partner with companies in certain categories, like sporting goods and toys, where it’s seeing high shopper demand.

The story notes that the offering is similar to third-party-seller programs available on Amazon and Walmart, though those two companies have a lower barrier to entry; brands just have to “fill out an application requesting approval to sell there.”

“We see this as a long-term opportunity to drive profitable growth,” Rick Gomez, Target chief marketing officer and chief digital officer, tells CNBC. “This is intended to be a very curated and select group of products and brands. ... We are reaching out to the brands we want.”

Among the brands testing the system are sporting goods retailer Mizuno, educational toy maker Kaplan and keyboard company Casio.
KC's View:
Serving as a marketplace for third-party sellers has been an enormous advantage for Amazon, and so it makes sense for Target to pursue a similar strategy. And I kind of like the idea that it is taking a different, more curated approach.