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Forbes reports that analysts seem to have reached an informal consensus - Starbucks is likely to be “the first big chain to launch a line of cannabis-infused drinks.”

According to the story, “Cowan released a 100-page document detailing its analysis of the CBD market on Monday. The group thinks that CBD will reach $16 billion in retail sales by 2025 and that we’re likely to see cannabis, specifically, CBD, make its way into other products down the line well.”

The report goes on: “Should the regulation of CBD oil as an additive to food/beverage change or craft/independent coffee shops find a way to comply with the existing regulation, we could envision Starbucks ultimately piloting the ingredient.”
KC's View:
Seems like a safe bet … this would be totally on brand for Starbucks.

Though I wonder how how the company would develop guardrails to make sure that some people in certain circumstances cannot buy it. Truck drivers on the road, for that matter. Or any drivers on any road.

Because if it serving of cannabis-infused coffee causes public safety issues, Starbucks could have some serious legal exposure.