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MNB reader Glenn Cantor wrote in about the Kraft Heinz story:

The recently announced decline in value of Kraft Heinz stock may be the proverbial “shot across the bow” for branded consumer packaged goods manufacturers, as well as their retailer and wholesaler customers.  It was reported that sales revenue actually increased by 1%, while increasing costs and an SEC investigation into vendor agreements caused the write-down.

The increasing transportation and raw material costs that affected Kraft Heinz are affecting every business in an industry that needs to keep consumer prices down.  The process that is used to maintain low consumer pricing is not sustainable in this business environment.  This will force changes in the way all of the companies in our business make money.  The Kraft Heinz news means that this change will start from the top.

On Friday we took note of a Bloomberg story about how, “while the rest of the world has been doing this for centuries, Americans are just starting to catch up when it comes to nose-to-tail eating,” enjoying things like calf brains, pig snouts and beef cheeks.

One MNB reader wrote:

I can hear my parents laughing. Growing up in the South, my Mom spoke occasionally of her younger days on their farm, butchering hogs and using every part of the animal “except the squeal”. Saturday breakfast with my Dad frequently included one of his favorites, pig brains and eggs.

And MNB reader Bob Vereen wrote:

Your Eye-Opener this morning brought back memories. My grandmother, with whom I lived as a youngster, always served pickled Pig’s Feet. I hadn’t thought of them since I was in the army in WWII.
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