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MediaPost reports that “Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are more likely than boomers to choose organic,” and that “upwards of 50% for the younger generations and only 30% of boomers choose organic.”

Those are among the conclusions of a recent survey from organic produce company Earthbound Farm, entitled “Annual Organic & Other Lifestyle Choices.”

The survey goes on to say that “Millennials/Gen Z are the most likely to say they purchase organic food "all the time" (20% for Millennials/Gen Z vs. 8% for Gen X and 7% for boomers) … Of the 500+ consumers surveyed, 40% say they plan to increase their household's organic consumption in 2019.”

Other conclusions:

“Health is still the number-one reason to purchase organic, with 75% saying that's their main reason for choosing the category. The next closest reason (at a big distance) was because "it's higher quality" at 45%, with 44% saying they choose organic because it's better for the environment … People with kids at home are more likely than those without kids to buy organic (52% vs 41%).”

As for other lifestyle choices that correspond with a preference for organics, “organic shoppers are most likely to say they'll listen to any kind of music, followed by rap or hip-hop. Pet owners are more likely than non-pet owners to choose organic. Forty-nine percent of organic consumers consider themselves sports fans.”
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