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• Cornell University has announced the retirement of Ed McLaughlin, the Robert G. Tobin Professor of Marketing at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University where he also serves as Director of the Food Industry Management Program.

McLaughlin is the former Dean of the Dyson School and has spent 21 years as the Director of Dyson’s undergraduate business program, the largest major at Cornell. He received his PhD at Michigan State University and joined the Cornell faculty in 1983.
KC's View:
I’ve known Ed for a long time, both through Cornell as well as through some consulting work we did together on a fun project that, unfortunately, never got traction. (It was brilliantly conceived by the client, but just too early.) I just wanted to take a moment here to recognize his achievements and contributions to education and the retail business in general. It always has been a pleasure to spend time at Cornell when I’ve been privileged to be asked, and see how terrific a program he has helped build there.

My only problem with this is that Ed is way too young to be retiring … but I am assured by mutual friends that he will continue to be involved with several food industry projects.