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by Kevin Coupe

USA Today reports this morning that Swiss technology company Scandit is coming to the US with technology that will allow you to “use your smartphone to scan a grocery store shelf and pinpoint items that specifically meet your dietary needs.”

According to the story, shoppers at some supermarkets - the companies are not identified, but Scandit says they are expected to offer the feature before the end of the year - “will be able to narrow down what they're looking for in an app similar to how they filter products when buying and browsing online.

“Retailers can decide what types of information they want to offer. When customers open the store app, they will see different categories – such as lactose or nut free – and can click on what they’re interested in.

“Then, when they aim their smartphones at a grocery case, icons will pop up on the device’s screen, hovering over items that meet their dietary requirements.”

In my view, supermarkets ought to embrace this option, and make available every piece of information available … because we live in a world where transparency has enormous value to shoppers, which means it ought to be a high priority for marketers.

This, in my view, is a great example of going beyond being a simple source of product, and becoming a resource of information for shoppers.

It is the kind of Eye-Opener that can change people’s perceptions, and maybe even their lives.
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