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• Walmart-owned Jet has announced a new alliance with the Fulton Fish Market that will bring same-day delivery of seafood to its New York City customers.

Seafood Source points out that Jet “is the only major online retailer to provide same-day delivery of fresh seafood from Fulton Fish Market, which is the largest fish market in the country … For now, is supplying 24 different fresh SKUs to Jet’s New York City customers as part of the online retailer’s Jet City Grocery program, launched last fall.”

Big fan of the Fulton Fish Market, especially as its CEO, Mike Spindler, has made a strong case for how it now defines itself as “an information Tech company that STARTS with the information,” which I think puts itself at odds with a seafood industry that often is purposefully opaque, creating big questions about authenticity and sustainability. Smart move for Jet.

Bloomberg has a story about why, despite all the bad publicity received by American Media Inc. (AMI) - including a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors related to hush money it paid to a woman who claimed to have had an affair with Donald Trump, as well as a public spat with Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos over coverage of his divorce and what he has called an extortion attempt related to racy photos - it is likely that Walmart will resist calls from some quarters to remove the publication from its front end racks.

It actually is pretty simple - Walmart represents 23 percent of the Enquirer’s sales … While magazine sales at supermarket checkouts have plummeted in recent years - part of the broader decline wrought by digital media - Walmart still makes money pushing gossip titles, which depend heavily on single-copy sales at retail newsstands.”

“Walmart is loath to remove the Enquirer, which at $4.99 an issue is a buck less expensive than rival celebrity magazine People, and so more appealing to penny-pinching shoppers,” the story says. “AMI also works closely with Walmart to avoid upsetting the retailer with the Enquirer’s racy coverage.”

The idea that the Enquirer may be publishing racy and intimate photos of Walmart’s biggest competitor is, I’m sure, just gravy.
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