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WinCo Foods will open two new 84,000 square foot stores this weekend, in Billings, and Helena, Montana - its 125th and 126th stores overall and its first two in Montana.

This makes 10 states in which employee-owned WinCo operates - the others being Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oklahoma.
KC's View:
WinCo is one of my favorite chains out there - it is so relentless in how it both defines and communicates strong customer value that it becomes a market leader in virtually every community where it operates.

And, it also has a strong values proposition, which is integral to its employee ownership structure; rare to find a WinCon in which the employees don’t go the extra mile to help shoppers and make the experience a pleasant one.

Seems to me that as WinCo grows - and I would expect that we’ll see the company opening up in even more states as opportunities present themselves - it will do even better, especially when the country moves into (the inevitable) recession.