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• Call it the upscaling of the cannabis business - the New York Times reports that Barney’s, the premium clothing store, has some new offerings in its Beverly Hills, California, store - “Devambez rolling papers made from organically grown French hemp; handblown water pipes by Siemon and Salazar, a glassware studio in California; stash boxes by the jewelry designer Martine Ali; and joint holders (otherwise known as roach clips) by Good Art Hlywd. Prices will tend toward the premium. A sterling silver pot grinder, for example, will sell for $1,475.”

Other California Barney’s store are expected to follow suit, as will the retailer’s New York City flagship if/when recreational marijuana becomes legal there.

The move is seen as an effort by Barney’s to compete with a number of high-end cannabis stores in Los Angeles that have been described by some observers as “the Barney’s of weed.”
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