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The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon-owned Whole Foods, after a period in which it made a big deal about cutting prices as a way of fighting its “whole paycheck” reputation, now is raising prices on “hundreds of items.”

The Journal writes that Whole Foods “raised prices this month on dozens of items from Dr. Bronner’s soaps to Häagen-Dazs ice cream, according to an email viewed by the Journal. A separate company email in December listed 550 additional price increases on products including crackers, olives and cookies.”

The reason: suppliers are raising their prices, as contracts providing lower prices have run out and not been renewed. The increases, the Journal writes, “add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a week in additional revenue.”
KC's View:
Have to keep this in context … pretty much everybody is raising prices these days. The trend may hurt Amazon’s efforts to improve Whole Foods’ price profile, but it isn’t taking place in a vacuum.