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Reuters reports that Walmart and logistics/delivery company Deliv have ended their alliance on same-day grocery delivery pilots in Miami and San Jose.

The story says that it was Deliv that ended the relationship, citing Walmart store priorities that always made drivers a lesser priority when they showed up at stores to pick up orders; waits of 40 minutes or longer were frequent, the story says, because “ Walmart gives a priority to customers over delivery drivers during regular hours, which complicated the partnership.”

According to Reuters, “The store operations at Walmart ‘were a huge problem,’ said one of the people with direct knowledge of the matter, adding the retailer could not ‘process online grocery orders fast enough’.”

Walmart says that it still “partners with seven delivery firms, including DoorDash and Postmates, four of which it signed up in January.”
KC's View:
The challenge to Walmart - which it has been remarkably facile in addressing since its acquisition of Jet and its founder, Marc Lore - always has been legacy systems and policies genetically engineered to reject anything challenging the primacy of existing stores. There will be times, and this appears to be one of them, when old habits will die hard.