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by Kevin Coupe

Amazon will deliver to you at your home. Amazon will deliver to you at your workplace. Amazon will deliver to you at any of its locker installations. And Amazon even will, in certain cases, deliver to your car.

But now, it has patented a new system for delivering someplace else.

The bus.

That’s right. The Star Tribune reports that “Amazon last week received a patent for transforming public buses into mobile delivery stations. Customers would simply meet the bus at a convenient stop, and pick up their items from a removable delivery module attached to the vehicle.”

The patent application notes that “some customers may not live or work near pickup locations, or may otherwise not want to take the time to travel to one. In addition, some customers may live and work in regions where there are few or no carriers for delivering packages, thus complicating the delivery of items to any destinations near the customer.” Hence, the development of a delivery system that would use public transportation systems to go to them.

The Star Tribune writes that “Amazon’s patent does not specify any financial arrangements that might be associated with fastening its delivery modules to buses, but it would clearly have to pay to do so.” Such arrangements could provide a financial lifeline to public transportation systems that, from some reports, have been losing riders to ride sharing systems such as Uber and Lyft.

Now, let’s be clear. Amazon has a ton of patents, and not all of them have found their way into actual use, at least not yet.

But this Eye-Opener demonstrates how the company thinks, and what is possible.

Could you, would you on a bus?
We will, we will, without a fuss.
In the end, its all about trust,
And, Amazon says, it is all about us.

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