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CNBC reports that CVS is trying to put some teeth into its retail operations as it searches “for new ways to draw customers inside.”

CVS, the story says, “is running a pilot with SmileDirectClub to fit people for the start-up’s invisible braces in CVS’ drugstores … In working with SmileDirectClub, a start-up that sells teeth straightening kits directly to consumers over the internet, CVS has added a so-called SmileShopExpress inside six of its drugstores. There, people can get a 3D scan that will be used to create their invisible braces. This is a pilot program for now, according to the two companies.”

The story notes that “the teeth-straightening market has become extremely competitive since 40 of market leader Invisalign’s patents expired in October 2017. SmileDirectClub and a slew of other start-ups, such as Candid Co., are jockeying to overtake the teeth-straightening market, appealing to consumers with flashy marketing and less expensive treatments.”

• PTS Diagnostics and Kroger Health, The Kroger Co.'s nationwide arm of health and wellness facilities, services and programs, announced yesterday “the full rollout of CardioChek Plus analyzers for point-of-care blood testing to help identify individuals at-risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes … CardioChek Plus analyzers provide accurate, on-site results in as little as 90 seconds using the same technology as clinical laboratories.  Its speed and portability combined with the reach and influence of Kroger Health pharmacies and clinics will increase the number of potential patients who are able to receive preventative health screenings and begin clinical protocols.”

The full rollout is expected to be completed by the end of next month.
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