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Bloomberg reports that Nestle SA’s Purina “is experimenting with a new line of pet food featuring untapped ingredients like insects and invasive fish species.”

The initiative comes at an interesting time, when much of the growth in the pet food category is coming from people’s desire to buy high-end products that resemble human meals and that use descriptive terms such as “organic,” “grain-free,” and “vegan.” The problem, Bloomberg notes, is that there are concerns that the trend of feeding animals such foods may be unsustainable, taking “a higher toll on the planet” than necessary.

Hence, the Purina experiment - feeding pets food made from “high-nutrient parts that aren’t palatable for humans.” Purina “worked with its cod supplier on a new processing system to rescue bits that otherwise would have gone overboard after the fish were caught for human consumption, allowing for near 100 percent use of the fish. The company is also using cricket powder as a protein, following a 2013 UN report focused on edible insects as a solution to feeding the world’s growing population.”
KC's View:
While I may not be big on the idea of eating insects, I’m pretty sure our dogs won’t feel the same way - hell, they often try to eat them live, given the opportunity. People are a lot more finicky than most of their pets, it has been my experience … and I’ll be interested to see if they can get traction with this new line.