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Ahold Delhaize-owned Giant Food Stores has announced the opening of what it calls “a new strategic addition to the Giant family of brands, Giant Direct, Powered by Peapod.”

Giant Direct essentially is a new 38,000 sq. ft. e-commerce hub in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that serves as both a kind of “dark store” that will provide delivery services to local residents and businesses, but also the ability to allow customers to pick up their online orders, which will be placed by employees in cars that pull up outside.

The system was developed in partnership with Peapod Digital Labs. The company says that Giant Direct, Powered by Peapod will replace the current branding model of Peapod by Giant.

The e-commerce hub is part of a $22 million investment in Lancaster County first announced by the company in June 2018.
KC's View:
Love it.

This is precisely the kind of thing that innovative companies do - they challenge traditional business models and try to construct customer-centric operations that will make them more responsive and effective.

I also think that Ahold Delhaize seems to be making all the right moves to revitalize the Peapod brand, building on its existing strengths and extending its potential.

I’m looking forward to seeing how fast and nimble they can be in extending this mindset to the rest of the company. Because that’ll be key to its success.