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The BBC this morning reports that Tesco is “finalising” plans for job cuts that could result in some 15,000 people being laid off, and the closure of some fresh food and bakery departments.

The story notes that Tesco is trying to cut the equivalent of almost $2 billion (US) from its operating expense budget as competition among the UK’s major chains “intensifies” as discounters Aldi and Lidl continue to grow market share.

The BBC also points out that some 10,000 jobs have been eliminated by Tesco since 2014, when the current CEO, Dave Lewis, joined the company in the wake of a major accounting scandal.

Without going into specifics, Tesco has acknowledged that it is "always looking at ways to run our business more simply and efficiently,” and that the company recognizes that “any changes will be hard for impacted colleagues, and unsettling for everyone.”
KC's View:
One of the questions that I would ask is whether these kinds of layoffs, while economically advantageous, could cripple Tesco’s ability to deliver a shopping experience that differentiates it from other retailers, especially Aldi and Lidl.