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by Kevin Coupe

If I’d had to guess, it never would’ve occurred to me that Kraft - of all companies - would be the one that would end up pushing the limits on what is acceptable in a Super Bowl ad.

But there it is - an ad for Kraft’s line of Devour frozen food used the term “food porn,” which was rejected by CBS, which is broadcasting Super Bowl LIII next Sunday.

"My boyfriend is addicted to frozen food porn," the girlfriend in the commercial says. "He watches it at least two or three times a day.” And it goes on from there, replete with double entendres.

The media world being what it is, the folks at Kraft/Devour decided to release a 60-second “racy” version online, and save a 30-second “sanitized” version for the game. Which actually has given the brand and the commercial even more publicity, which is probably what the whole thing was about anyway.

Me, I don’t think the “racy” version is so bad … especially since it would run in between game segments in which acts of violence will be conducted between the lines, and we all know the long-term implications the game can have on the people who play it. (We could get into a long discussion here about why Americans tend to find violence more acceptable than sex, but that’s probably for a different time and place.)

Anyway, you decide … the commercial can be seen above left.

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