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by Kevin Coupe

Loved this piece in the Boston Globe about how Dunkin’ Donuts rebranding as just Dunkin’ has been achieved without any of the “backlash one might expect from cantankerous New Englanders.”

CMO Tony Weisman says that he thinks the reason was simple - the company used iconic Fenway Park, home of the world champion Boston Red Sox, as its core creative metaphor.

Here’s the money quote:

“Fenway has done a beautiful job over modern ownership to both modernize the ballpark but retain its essence. I think if you look in the last decade, whether it was seats on the Green Monster or video screens, or what have you, generally speaking maybe there was a little grumbling at first.

“But by and large, I think the community of Sox Nation has very much embraced all of these because they were done with the essence of the brand at heart … In the end, Boston and New England consumers are very focused on your intent. They are very much about authenticity. You can say a lot of things about New England stereotypes, but I think it boils down to authenticity matters above all else. If what you are trying to do is authentically you, then you’ll get a green light.”

And they did. It’s been an Eye-Opener.

BTW … pitchers and catchers start to report in about 16 days.

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