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ABC News reports that Albertsons and its Safeway division have stepped up to help federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown, now in its second month.

According to the story, “Thousands of essential government workers continue to work without pay and many thousands more have been furloughed — with unemployment pay or other short-term work proving elusive.

“At all Safeway or Albertsons locations in Oregon or southwest Washington, federal workers will receive 10 percent off all national brands and 15 percent off Safeway/Albertsons-branded items. Federal workers will just need to show government-issued ID.

“The company said that it has also given $1,000 in gift cards to U.S. Coast Guard sectors in Newport, North Bend and Astoria. Safeway and Albertsons also gave $1,000 in gift cards to workers with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, based in Sheridan.”

"We are happy to be able to help the many families impacted financially during the shutdown," said Greg McNiff, President of Oregon and Southwest Washington Safeway and Albertsons.
KC's View:
Instead of worrying about walls, Albertsons and Safeway are building bridges to their customers. Smart move … and it also has a lot of heart. Good for them.