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The discussion of “toxic masculinity” - or more accurately, the ad campaign launched by Gillette to address the issue, and the blowback against the company that came from various quarters - has not been entirely welcomed by everybody in the MNB community.

Some have said they are glad to see the conversation here and elsewhere, and agreed with my supportive commentary.

Some said they would prefer companies simply make and sell products, and not get involved in such issues because nobody cares what they think.

A few have argued that they don’t want to see stories about the issue on MNB, and have no interest in my opinion.

Everybody has a right to their opinions, certainly … and I’m doing my best to be a fair curator of various positions while being transparent about my own opinions (since that is, after all, sort of what I do here). I feel strongly that this is not gratuitous … this is a legitimate business story.

If everybody has a right to their opinions, that includes the folks at “Saturday Night Live,” where they produced a gently mocking video about persistent “toxic behavior” by a well-known commercial icon. I thought it was pretty funny … and worth posting here.


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