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by Kevin Coupe

I think most of us have been heartened by the degree to which a wide variety of companies have stepped up to show compassion, flexibility and generosity in the face of the partial government shutdown that now is in its second month, with little evidence that it will end anytime soon.

But I did love this one … in part because it showed innovative thinking by a start-up company that we’ve mentioned here on MNB.

The company is Filld, which literally goes the last mile to deliver fuel to people’s cars at their homes and offices; I used to think that gas stations would be the one format that would be unaffected by e-commerce, bbut Filld may prove me wrong. Not only does it disrupt the traditional gas station experience, it also provides retailers that partner with Filld a way to strengthen their relationship with shoppers. (I did a NACS podcast in which Filld’s CEO Michael Buhr, participated … you can check it out here.)

Now, Fox News reports that Filld went to the Washington, DC, area recently to offer 10 gallons of free gasoline to people who could show a government ID.

There were some limits - each Filld truck only carries 400 gallons of fuel - but the move did a couple of smart things.

It helped people who are often in dire need of assistance - if they’re trying to make a decision between paying their mortgage or rent and feeding their families, 10 gallons of gas is a big deal.

And, it created visibility for a retail offering with which many locals may not be familiar … and that can only help Filld over the long term.

Smart move, and my idea of an Eye-Opener.

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