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MarketWatch reports on how WeWork, which develops flexible office spaces around the country, plans to launch “a new kind of casual work space that will function as its own branded coffee shop.”

Saying it will function as a kind of modern version of the town square, the company says that “WeWork tenants as well as members of the public will be able to book 100 workspace seats and six meeting rooms by the minute, hour or day – a sort of Starbucks,  that can be booked in advance.

“There will also be a full cafe run by Australia’s Bluestone Lane hospitality company. WeWork member companies will be able to sell their own branded goods at a ‘market stand’.”
KC's View:
I’m a big fan of these spaces, and really interested to see how the company expands into WeLive residential spaces and WeGrow, which it describes as “a schools business to ‘unleash every human’s superpowers’.” The idea that they will integrate retail into their functionality simply makes sense, since retail can be at the heart of any robust community.