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Business Insider reports that “FedEx is adapting to consumers' night owl shopping habits with Extra Hours. The months-old service pushes the evening order cutoff times by five to eight hours. Online orders placed as late as 2 a.m. can deliver the next day in certain metro areas, or within two days to addresses in the continental US.”

The goal, the story says, “allows traditional retailers to compete with Amazon Prime's two-day shipping pledge.”

The Extra Hours program works this way, according to Business Insider: “FedEx will ‘sweep’ a retailer's local big box store for the product a customer ordered. Then, FedEx Ground will pick up that product from the local store and deliver it to the customer's house the next day.

“Before Extra Hours, FedEx might instead pick up an online order from the retailer's regional distribution center before bringing the order to a local facility. Through bypassing the process of going to a retailer's distribution center … Extra Hours shaves two or three days from the shipping process.”
KC's View:
Interesting to see companies like FedEx, which inevitably will end up competing in the shipping business against Amazon (see our story in FastNewsBeat, below), finding ways to help retailers that need to do better in e-commerce. Everybody is going to have to develop new business models or find new angles on traditional services, if they are going to remain relevant in this environment.