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The Associated Press reports that Starbucks plans to expand its coffee delivery service so that it is available from almost 25 percent of its US coffee shops.

Having tested the service in 200 Miami stores, Starbucks said that it will launch delivery in San Francisco today, followed by, in short order, some stores in New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The AP story reports that “Starbucks says 95 percent of its core menu will be available for order using the Uber Eats mobile app. There will be a $2.49 booking fee … Executives say delivery works best in dense urban areas where Uber Eats’ delivery fees are lower because of high demand, and customers spend more than they do in stores.”
KC's View:
Still interesting to me that Starbucks ended its subscription bulk coffee business (which I loved, and once it was gone, gave me permission to look elsewhere, and I’m now really happy with City Girl coffee) but does ant to be in the per-cup coffee delivery business.

And when I say “interesting,” I mean “confounding.”