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Business Insider writes this morning that Amazon Prime membership could lose some of its appeal this year, as unlimited two-day free shipping - cited by close to eight out of 10 members as its most important perk - as more retailers catch up and begin to offer similar deals.

The biggest threat - Walmart, which is rapidly scaling up its free shipping option, though for the moment “orders must total more than $35 to qualify … Walmart still needs to add more selection to its free two-day shipping offering to keep up with Amazon. It does offer millions of items, but not quite the 100 million items that Amazon boasts. Walmart carries only a little over half - about 55% - of Amazon's 1 million best-selling products.”
KC's View:
I tend to think that unless Amazon takes its eye off the ball and starts providing less value, it is going to be okay - Walmart may expand the Prime-style universe, but it won’t erode Amazon’s market share much.

On the other hand, if Amazon’s promises exceed its ability to deliver, that could open the door to tough competition.