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• The Wall Street Journal repots that Amazon, Alphabet and Walmart were, in that order, the biggest spenders last year on technology.

According to the story, “ Inc. spent more than $13.6 billion on technology in 2018, making it the biggest corporate IT spender in the world, according to new research from International Data Corp. Google parent Alphabet Inc. and Walmart Inc. were in second and third place, respectively, with each spending nearly $12 billion last year on software, hardware, services, telecommunications equipment and staff, IDC says.

“Servers and other data-center infrastructure account for much of Amazon’s and Google’s spending as they build cloud services to sell to other companies often seeking to decrease their own IT budgets.”

Rounding out of top-10 spending list were JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Bank of America, Facebook, AT&T, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup.
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