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Bloomberg reports that “a report released Thursday by the U.S. PIRG Education Fund found that recalls of food have increased 10 percent since 2013, with meat and poultry incidents soaring 67 percent. The most hazardous -- Class 1 recalls, or when there’s a ‘reasonable probability that eating the food will cause health problems or death’ -- edged up 6 percent overall and a whopping 83 percent for meat and poultry, the study found.”

According to the story, “The authors aren’t sure whether the uptick in recalls is due to a more contaminated food supply or simply because new technology makes it easier to catch bacteria in products. But either way, the authors argue that any number of recalls is too high, since no consumer should have to worry that the food they buy at a grocery store will make them sick.”

Great time to have a partial government shutdown. Geez.
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