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The Conference Board is out with a new global survey of CEOs, who say that a recession is their “biggest external concern for 2019 … Just a year ago, in 2018, they considered a recession as an afterthought, ranking it their 19th concern.”

Other major external concerns for global CEOs: threats to global trade, global political instability, and cyber security.

The major internal concerns were listed as “talent quality and leader development.”

One interesting excerpt from the survey:

“When it comes to investing in leaders of the future, CEOs believe that ‘broader is better.’ Along with improving formal leadership development programs, CEOs want their organizations to provide more cross-functional rotational opportunities for high potentials.

“However, organizations may be missing a critical piece of the development puzzle: exposing leaders to digital experiences as part of their development. Less than one-third of CEOs globally rate this as one of their top three leadership development priorities and only about one in five in the U.S. do so.”
KC's View:
It is extraordinary to me that any CEO in pretty much any industry would not see “exposing leaders to digital experiences” as being one of the most critical parts of any development process. Maybe it is because some folks think that the next generation of leaders will understand digital because it is part of their DNA. But I think that spending time with leaders in the tech field is incredibly important - the conversations I’ve had (and I try to do more listening than talking) with people from places like Amazon and Microsoft and Intel and Google have been enormously eye-opening … and, at the same time, I think tech folks learn from people who are trying to lead in more traditional venues.