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Marketing Daily reports that Kraft is “opening a grocery pop-up store where workers affected by the federal government shutdown can pick up free Kraft staples to help tide their families over.”

Located in Washington, DC, at 1287 4th Street NE, the store will be open through this Sunday. According to the story, “Current federal government workers showing government ID can shop and take home a bag of Kraft products, such as the brand’s mac and cheese, natural cheese, singles, salad dressings, mayo and BBQ sauce.”

Interestingly, Kraft is promoting a “pay it forward” approach, suggesting that “where possible, those who benefit from the store make a donation to a favorite charity once the shutdown is over.”
KC's View:
Kudos to Kraft. It is a shame - though completely understandable - that the largesse cannot be extended to people who don’t work for the federal government directly, but are suffering because as contractors they’ve been put out of work until this fiasco comes to an end.

The Washington Post actually has a piece piece this morning suggesting that Kraft’s move is rather benign, especially when considered in the context of major companies that “have waded into fraught political territory during the first two years of the Trump presidency, clashing with the president and his allies on polarizing issues such as gun ownership and immigration. Companies are increasingly taking stances on social and political issues important to their employees, customers and the broader public, even if it riles others.”