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CNBC reports that Walmart “has opted to end its involvement in the network of commercial and Medicaid pharmacies run by CVS Health Corp after the two companies failed to agree on pricing, CVS said. The company said Walmart sought reimbursement increases that would lead to higher costs for clients and consumers.”

When the break takes place, it would mean that people who are members of the CVS Caremark benefits system and get their prescriptions filled at Walmart “might not be eligible for coverage by their drug plans … Less than 5 percent of affected CVS Caremark members use only Walmart to fill their prescriptions, CVS said.”

Walmart took issue with CVS’s explanation, saying that it “wants to pass along savings to their customers, not a middle man.”
KC's View:
The stories suggest that Walmart is casting around looking for a replacement, but I have a funny feeling that maybe the solution to this problem already has been identified.