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At The Ohio State University, student newspaper The Lantern reports that there is a new ATM on campus - that dispenses pizza.

Located in a student dining hall, the pizza ATM “holds about 70 pizzas … and students have the options to choose between cheese or pepperoni pizza.” For the moment, the story says, it is only operational when the dining hall is open, but the school hopes to soon have it available 24 hours a day, with more toppings. Students can pay for their pizzas by using their campus meal plan, or with a credit card.

“This is a really a way for us to provide a hot option and other options for students that are over on this side of campus that don’t live on the north area or south area that have other late night operations that really isn’t going to incur a bunch of additional labor costs on top of providing the services,” says Abby Hertzfeld, associate director of operations for Student Life Dining Services.
KC's View:
Last week at CES, it was a bread baking machine, the BreadBot. Now we have a pizza ATM. There have been times in the past where it seemed like the vending trend was really going to take off, and it may be that we’re about come into one of those times again … except that this time, the expansion of lockers, as well as acceptance of click-and-collect functionality, may give it even greater traction.