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Business Insider reports that in a presentation this week at the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York City, Walmart executive vice president and CTO Jeremy King said that the retailer decided to pull the plug on its Scan & Go program - which enabled consumers “to shop with just your phone or a handheld device, and no interacting with cashiers” - because it “found too many errors in the process ... making sure people were scanning things right, multiple quantities, that sort of thing.”

The technology continues to be used in the company’s Sam’s Club stores, but at Walmart, the decision has been made to “wait until the technology's better.”

According to the story, “King is predicting that that better — or different — technology is coming soon, however. On stage, King listed computer vision — technology that can use cameras and sensors to ‘see’ and understand like a human — as one example of tech he is excited about for 2019.

“Computer vision is a natural fit for retail, where it would be able to replace a program like Scan & Go with a more intuitive method that could include technology that automatically tracks customers and what they're buying, charging them appropriately.”

The Business Insider notes that Walmart is not yet testing the technology, though arch rival Amazon already has, with its Amazon Go stores.
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