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Technology company First Insight is out with a new report, The Arrival of the New Male Power Shopper, which concluded that “53 percent of men reported shopping on Amazon six or more times a month, compared to only 45 percent of female respondents.. Further, 60 percent of men (versus 52 percent of women) say that their Amazon purchases have increased in the last year.”

This data, the study says, “reflected a similar trend across traditional retail categories, as 25 percent of men versus only 15 percent of women reported shopping six or more times a month at mass department stores like Kohl’s or JC Penney. Luxury stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, and Prada saw 19 percent of men versus five percent of women shopping six or more times a month. Similarly, 41 percent of men surveyed reported shopping at Walmart six or more times a month, versus just 35 percent of women.”

More from the study: “Overall ownership of smart speakers showed a 75 percent relative increase over last year (24% to 42 percent). However, when comparing men and women, 47 percent of male respondents reporting owning one now, a 113 percent increase from last year (22 percent). By comparison, only 36 percent of women reported owning a smart speaker now. While that is a 38-percent increase over their reported ownership last year (26 percent), it is still 23 percent lower than smart speaker ownership among men. Usage of these speakers for researching product prices jumped 17 percent for men to 70 percent, compared to women who stayed about the same as last year at 46 percent. Further, 69 percent of men reported looking on before looking and/or buying anywhere else versus 63 percent of women.”

“We are seeing a significant shift in shopping behavior by men, which is shattering many age-old gender stereotypes. Men are now shopping more and increasing the frequency of their online and in-store purchases across the board, which is also beginning to outpace women in many categories,” said Greg Petro, CEO of First Insight. “It’s clear that as we head into 2019, every retailer needs to shrug off the misperception that shopping is a female-dominated activity, particularly as more men leverage the latest technologies and online tools to find the best prices.”
KC's View:
I tend to think that this is just men catching up, not flexing new muscles for any reason. We’re doing the stuff we should’ve been doing all along.