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• The Financial Times reports that a new patent filing by IBM suggests that it wants to get into the business of smart coffee delivery drones.

According to the story, “The August 7 filing with the US Patent Office describes a system wedding currently ubiquitous drones with cameras and biometric sensors that could dispatch caffeine to flagging employees and thirsty café customers even before they ask for it.

“The technology, which the filing said could be used in offices to keep employees alert or by coffee shops to increase sales, would use the sensors to scan for people who have asked for a drink, perhaps only by waving or through an app, as well as those who appear to be in a ‘pre-determined cognitive state’ requiring coffee.”

FT writes that “IBM declined to comment on whether the filing was part of its shift to new businesses. But the filing reveals how the company is looking to wed its traditional expertise in hardware with its newer AI focus.”
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