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Fast Company writes about a new app called Pinto, described an enabling consumers “to scan the back of a package and get a personalized nutrition label that focuses specifically on the ingredients and nutritional information you care about.”

In other words, the app takes all the available nutritional information and then filter it through the prism of what a consumer actually is concerned about. The story notes that “some of the information you can get in the app, like added sugars, isn’t shown on standard nutrition labels. And current labels don’t account for the increasingly divergent way that consumers eat. The startup built a data science engine that takes all of the raw nutritional data and classifies it against specific consumer needs.”

Cofounder/CEO Sam Slover says that “the data that we’re producing about food in terms of how it powers personalization, and getting the right product in front of the right consumer, is one of the harder and more interesting challenges in grocery, in nutrition, and food right now.”
KC's View:
Brilliant. This strikes me as exactly the mind of innovation that is both relevant and resonant for consumers … giving broad access to in formation while simultaneously providing a kind of intellectual colander that collects and isolates the most important stuff.

It also potentially forces greater manufacturer transparency. No excuses. That’s a good thing.