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Hi, Kevin Coupe here and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy … coming to you this week from Cryo-PDX, and doing the closest thing I’ve ever done to a nude scene, at least here on MNB.

Cryo-PDX specializes in cryo-therapy, which is something I’d never really heard of before I saw this place while walking through Portland’s Pearl District. Over the past six or so years, during my summers in Portland, I’ve always made the effort to try things I might not try when back home in Connecticut. I’ve become a complete massage enthusiast because of a great masseuse that I found out here, and I’ve even tried a sensory deprivation tank, though it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t shoot a FaceTime video while in that thing.

So, since I didn’t really know anything about cryo-therapy - when I hear the word “cryo,” I tend to think about Ted William’s head - I decided to try it. After all, I have knees that ache because of some 45 years of jogging, and I can use all the help I can get.

While shooting this video, I found myself immersed in a metal chamber where the temperature was below minus 200 degrees, created through the use of liquid nitrogen. It was, in fact, surprisingly comfortable … they say that it is good for “reducing pain and inflammation, and speeding up recovery from muscle fatigue and injury,” as well as “mood elevation, increased energy and injury prevention.” I was only in the tank for about two and a half minutes, but I have to admit that I felt pretty good afterwards. Not life-altering good, but pretty good.

Afterwards I went through what they call Normatec Sequential Pulse Therapy, which essentially is using compression sleeves that covered my legs and created a kind of pulsing sensation designed to the blood, lymphatic fluid and lactic acid moving. Again, when it was over, I felt pretty good.

Now, I must admit that the improvement was fleeting - they say that one must come in regularly to get the full and sustained impact. If I were living in Portland full-time, I’d certainly consider a membership…I really liked the facility and the people, and I’d be interested to find out if extended treatments would have a significant impact on my aging body.

But the real reason I did it, and am sharing it with you, is because I think there’s a business lesson here. Too often, I think, businesses do the same thing over and over, because that’s how they’ve always done them. In the end, if you keep doing the same stuff, you’re going to get the same results. It is important to get out of one’s comfort zone and try new things … even if that means getting into a tank where the temperature is below -200 degrees.

You never know. A little improved circulation and physical therapy isn’t just good for a 63-year-old body. It also can be food for a business.

Anyway, that’s what is on my mind this morning, and as always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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