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• The BBC reports that in the UK, Sainsbury is testing a checkout-free store.

According to the story, “The Sainsbury's SmartShop app lets customers scan the contents of their trolley as they browse the aisles to reduce waiting time at the checkout. The app is already available in 68 stores, but customers in one location will now be able to pay with the app too.”

The BBC writes that “Clodagh Moriarty, group chief digital officer for Sainsbury's, acknowledged that some customers may find the experience uncomfortable at first. But she told the BBC: ‘As we've been looking at customers over the past few days, the level of discomfort dissipates as more and more people do it’.”

9to5Mac that Apple has filed for a new patent hinting that it is building technology that will allow its Siri voice recognition software that will actually be able to differentiate between different people, and therefore respond with far more personalized information than in the past. It would also allow the “digital assistant (to) perform tasks, including items that can only be performed just for that user.”
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