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USA Today reports that Amazon no longer can be considered just a Seattle company - a conclusion that is completely separate from its search for a second North American headquarters city.

“More than a quarter of Amazon's U.S. tech and managerial workers are not based in Seattle.,” the story says. “The company has 17 North American tech hubs with a total staff count of at least 17,500, a reflection of the tech expertise that’s grown up in specific areas and the reality that not everyone wants or can live in Seattle. Amazon's New York offices focus on fashion and publishing, for instance, while its Los Angeles hub concentrates on video and gaming.”

The reason? “Amazon is engaged in a knock-down, drag-out fight for tech talent … For a company that has been hiring an average of 100 people a day across the globe for the last five years, there was no choice but to look outside Seattle, whose current population is 724,000.”
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