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Wine Spectator reports on a new study suggesting that moderate drinking can stave off dementia. (Can’t imagine why Wine Spectator would be interested in such a study…)

Essentially, the British researchers found that people who were moderate alcohol drinkers - between one and two drinks a day - seemed to have less of an occurrence of dementia than people who were either teetotalers or who drank more than that. Among people who drank more than two drinks a day, “every seven additional drinks per week increased dementia risk by 17 percent.”

The story notes that the group started being studied in 1985, when they were in middle age, and so there is no conclusive data about how much they drank when young.
KC's View:
Let’s be clear … I’m not taking this story entirely seriously. The group studied is too small to be conclusive. But, on the other hand, I’m perfectly happy to abide by the conclusions on the off chance that they’re right.