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The St. Louis Business Journal reports that Schnuck Markets is introducing a new app-based rewards program that will permit customers who sign up to “earn 10 points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. After accruing 1,000 points, which is equivalent to spending $100, customers will earn $2 off a future purchase. Customers can redeem those dollars off as they earn them or they can allow the dollars to accumulate, up to $500.”

The story notes that “shoppers can participate in the program by downloading the Schnucks Rewards app on the Apple app store or from the Google Play store,” though they also can use existing Schnuck accounts or sign up on their computers.

“This is a modern way for us to say ‘thank you’ to customers for choosing Schnucks,” says Todd Schnuck, chairman/CEO, in a prepared statement. “Customers will be rewarded for something they’re already doing - buying groceries to feed their families - and Schnucks will be helping them to stretch their dollars even further.”
KC's View:
I think this is a good idea, though I must confess that I’m having a little trouble with the word “modern.”

To me, it is more important to use the data generated and the accessibility of the app to communicate with and market to individual shoppers … not just say “thank you” with discounts. What Schnucks is doing is a good first step, but only a first step.