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Forbes reports on a new study from NPD Group saying that “more than 80% of meals are being prepared at home … That’s even higher than in 1975, when 75% of meals were prepared at home.”

This trend, the story suggests, “is a sharp contrast to statistics showing that the number of restaurants and Americans' restaurant spending have both grown during the past 10 years.” But “NDP says restaurant spending is up because prices are higher at restaurants, not because consumers are eating out more frequently.” In addition, restaurants more than ever are emphasizing their take-out features, which also is driving up sales. “Half of all restaurant meals are purchased to eat at home, whether delivery, take out, or something that forms the centerpiece of an assembled meal,” the story says.

In fact, the eat-at-home trend is at least partially being fueled by the meal kit business, and the move by many meal kit brands to the supermarket, where they are more accessible and successful.

The story quotes David Portalatin, an advisor to NPD, as saying that “due to a changing workforce, the ease of online shopping, and the boom in streaming entertainment, there are fewer reasons than ever to leave the house.”

And, he says, he’s “bullish on opportunities for meal kit makers, grocery stores and restaurants to get their share of the eat-at-home trend.”
KC's View:
Agreed. But retailers have to be aggressive about mining these opportunities, looking for innovative ways to deliver in ways that are relevant and resonant. You can’t let the trend come to you.