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The Dallas Morning News reports that Walmart-owned Sam’s Club has hired about 100 employees for a new 45,000 square foot technology office that it is opening in the city.

These tech employees, the story suggests, presumably will work on a new concept Sam’s store in the city’s Lower Greenville neighborhood that will go into a space previously occupied by a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The News writes that “this is a new office, separate from other technology operations that Sam's and Walmart have in San Bruno, Calif. and at its headquarters in Bentonville,” and “will be the only Sam's office solely devoted to technology work … The merging of e-commerce with store operations and technology seem to touch every part of a retailer's operations these days. The changing landscape is forcing companies like Walmart to expand its own technology staff and to create partnerships with other companies.”
KC's View:
Again, Walmart continues to make moves suggesting that in so many ways, it is doing business differently than it used to. That’s important … and I can’t wait to see what a Neighborhood Market-sized Sam’s might look like.