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Interesting research from Nielsen confirming that “consumers’ desire for health, wellness and convenience are driving growth across the store,” and in fact driving the development of departments and categories as shoppers’ interests and desires become more specific and sophisticated.

An excerpt:

“For example, frozen meats were the original source of convenience in grocery stores. Over time, prepared foods stepped up and have developed into an increasingly prominent and important contributor in terms of on-the-go convenience. As prepared areas gained traction,  rotisserie chickens and pizza flooded deli counters. But over time, once again, consumers sought out greater variety as palettes blended.

“Today, health and wellness are center stage, and competitive offerings abound both in and outside of the market’s retail walls.

“To meet demand, retailers began offering sushi stations and rolls, which were met with rapid success. Today, poke bowls - even stations - along with unique combination plates, are providing complete meal solutions to complement and/or compete with the rise of meal kits. They’re also fueling sales growth. While traditional sushi sales have slowed from the 12% it averaged each of the past three years, poke bowls and poke stations, often complemented by Negiri or other sides, posted dollar sales growth of 9% for the 52 weeks ended June 30, 2018.”
KC's View:
I just hope retailers on the east coast, especially in Connecticut, pay attention to this study and decide to start installing poke bars in their stores. I love them when I’m in Portland during the summer, but can’t get decent poke when I’m back home the rest of the year.

Because studies like this one are all about me. Right?