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CNet has a story about how, in the wake of Amazon offering six-quart Instant Pots during its Prime Day promotion for $58, down from the usual $99, Walmart now is offering a different version in the same size for $49.

And Amazon now is matching the price.

Eater writes that “Walmart and Amazon have been competing relentlessly, and the retail giants’ battle in the food and grocery space in particular heated up last year when Amazon acquired Whole Foods. Since then, Walmart started a partnership with Miami-based organic restaurant Grown; both companies now sell Blue Apron-style meal kits; and Prime Day saw the two mega-retailers face off with deep grocery discounts.

“A post-Prime Instant Pot deal is just one more byproduct of Amazon-Walmart’s endless showdown. The deal ends tomorrow, July 25.”
KC's View:
The point we’ve been making for what seems like years now is that these two behemoths are going to be engaged in an ongoing and enormous battle, and there’s likely to be a lot of collateral damage. (Like, in this case, anyone else selling the Instant Pot.)