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CNN reports that fast feeder Chick-fil-A is getting into the meal kit business.

According to the story, the company “will test a meal kit service from late August through mid-November … Customers can pick up the kit at 150 participating locations in Atlanta. The meals include chicken flatbread, crispy dijon chicken, chicken parmesan, chicken enchiladas and pan-roasted chicken. Chick-fil-A says the meals should take less than 30 minutes to prepare.”

CNN notes that “a meal kit could help Chick-fil-A test possible new menu items (and) could also allow Chick-fil-A to let customers handle more complicated meals rather than mass-producing them in its restaurants.”
KC's View:
This wouldn’t get my vote for most likely brand extension. But I’ve learned my lesson … I’m not going to be reflexively negative about it.