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Got the following email from MNB reader Bob Wheatley:

The entire premise underneath meal kits is sound: curated menus, high quality ingredients, inexpensive experimentation, convenience and coached creativity. It all works.


When you embed friction in the business model you tempt what we call ‘the spiraling vortex of doom.’ High priced subscription models that compel ongoing participation simply won’t wash. It challenges the value proposition and creates perceptions of risk rather than reward.

You are absolutely right, the future of meal kits is in retail distribution where some of the cost burden can be removed while maintaining the core concept of really great tasting meals, partially prepped at a reasonable price.

Loved the following note from MNB reader John Rand:

Talking about Amazon and its relative fallibility on Prime Day, you used a restaurant analogy.
Oh Kevin – I was waiting to read the Yogi-ism: “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”.
Wasted opportunity to keep the thread of baseball alive.

Fair point. Thanks for keeping me honest.
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