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Food & Wine reports that even as Costco revamps and upgrades its foodservice menu, adding “healthier items, like acai bowls and vegan-friendly salads,” it left in place its famed hot-dog-and-soda combo, which goes for $1.50 and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth over the years.

However, some customer are not placated, and have turned to social media to protest Costco’s decision to eliminate its polish sausage, described as a “sort of kielbasa/hot dog hybrid, the sausage is thick and snappy and exactly what this country needs right now.”

Food & Wine writes, “Listen, we support healthy options—nutrients are good and important. But why do healthy options have to come at the cost of sausage ones?” And, it adds, “there's more bad news: Costco's popular berry sundae is reportedly being phased off the menu, too. There goes our whole entire childhood.”

Fans of Costco’s Polish sausage have begun a petition to get the retailer to change its mind.
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