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Fortune reports on its interview with CEO Marc Lore at its recent Brainstorm Tech conference, in which he said that he believes that the retailer’s “4,700 stores gives Walmart the distribution points it needs near most Americans to achieve its ultimate goal within five years: same-day delivery of fresh and frozen food, as well as other Walmart wares, to most of the country.”

“We’re playing to our strengths right now,” he said. “Everyone is racing toward same-day delivery and I think we’re set up really well … “We can see where the puck is going- it’s toward faster delivery time.” That means, he said, same-day delivery as a bare minimum requirement for retailers that want to establish and sustain relevance.

In addition to speed and fresh food, Lore said that Walmart’s acquisition of seemingly non-core brands such as Bonobos, Modcloth and Moosejaw are just the beginning as the retailer seeks a variety of differential advantages: “Proprietary product and assortment is going to be key,” he said.

Lore’s comments came less than a week after Walmart announced that its unit would begin offering same-day grocery deliveries in New York City from a fulfillment facility it is opening in the Bronx.

Walmart has long been blocked from opening stores in union-friendly New York City, and so the Jet offering will conceivably help it overcome those political obstacles.
KC's View:
I still think that Walmart should start opening Jet stores around New York, with a distinctly urban vibe and easy access to delivery depots. If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere…